3rd floor

Finally hitting 30 today.
Good job. Good wife to be. Healthy baby boy.
Nashukuru Mungu.
Wishes zikam wadau.

Life begins @40. Congrats ,best wishes but 10 more to go boy

Happy birthday. God bless

When quality hardons disappear? No way

Sasa ongeza ka forte by eighty pale Joska ama Kamulu utishie watu vile uko na ka project kanaendelea

That’s good bro, naona umefanya road test pia,

Muhimu sana.

Project 2018

Very important. People truly underestimate how just having a good wife stands to significantly improve your life. Never settle for these trash masquerading as women.

All ze best. Happy birthday

Spot on. Even the Holy Book says so, “Better to live on a corner of the roof than to share a house with a quarrelsome wife,” (Proverbs 21:9)
Many a good man has been brought down by such a wife.

Happy birthday.

Wish u all the best…hapo kwa wife to be shughulikia elder

happy birthday

road test muhimu congrats

Wacha akuje Katanj

Happy birthday jamaa.

They actually get better. Depending on how well you’ve maintained your body

Uko na buloti maguta?

Belated HBD ndugu.

Hi @karema-hitI