3rd. Choice: President Pete Ondeng


If you do not want to see NASA’s ethnic enclaves and mutilated constitution, or feel that Uhuruto have come short of their potential, Pete Ondeng wants you to vote for him.

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Apan tambua

Peoples be shouting UOTP and they have no party they are supporting either…no ideologies they support. This tells you the amount of self righteousness that they have.

Ati they are too smart to be pulled into any political side and too highclass to nominate a person of their interest. Too uptown and funky that they only vote and complain through twitter.

Truth be told, the noise people make here does not translate to a vote either.
No need to kashifu watu for not wanting to be in your face with their political leanings.

True…it applies across the divide. Actually…the worst anyone can do is to not vote. I would not be against anyone who lines up for 6hrs to vote regardless of whome they vote for. Wale wako na shida ni wa kukaa nyumbani while people are voting in a new government outside there…

Mbona upange laini na kura iibiwe jioni!?

Juu Mimi ni optimistic.

Looking at how the nominations were conducted…especially in Jubillee, i would think people are starting to trust the system and that IEBC has political goodwill to conduct a free and fair elections.

Its upto us as citizens to turn up and vote.

You know Jimmy Angwenyi? He has a Jubilee Ticket yet there were no nominations in His constituency! Not so many guys trust the system

Hakuwezi kosa a few cases…because of human selfishness. But there is goodwill out there

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Pete is former client, [SIZE=5]great [/SIZE]guy what Kenya needs sadly the ignorant masses have the vote !

He told that gathering that he’ll not be going out to seek votes. How the heck are the ‘ignorant masses’ going to learn about Mr. Ondeng?

P.s. Those ignorants practically emptied their assemblies and parliament in Jubilee areas!

The other presidential candidate using this strategy is Miguna Mibguna, who thinks that vlogs from his kitchen, Tweets, Facebook updates and a sporadic newspaper column or TV appearance is enough.

Ignorant masses? Really???

Between 1996 and 1998, he served as CEO of Faulu Kenya, currently one East Africa’s leading microfinance institutions. He then took up a four year assignment in the Netherlands as Africa Director for Oikocredit, an international “development finance organization. On returning to Kenya, he was appointed by the President of Kenya to head the Eastern Africa Secretariat of NEPAD (The New Partnership for Africa’s Development).


Faulu Kenya is the worst name one could put on their CV if they want to claim to champion the rights of the poor hustler:

Sometimes, claiming defaults goes horribly wrong. James Simatei Kendagor attests to this.

[B][COLOR=rgb(255, 0, 0)]In 2010, through its agents Igare Auctioneers, Faulu Kenya raided his farm seizing cattle worth Sh200,000 over a loan dispute involving the bank and his son.

Ironically, Mr Kendagor’s cattle were not listed as security for the Sh40,000 loan taken by his son nor were any of his other assets.

His son was guaranteed by a youth group. After a one-year court battle, Faulu was ordered to return the animals, which it declined instead filling an appeal at the High Court in Eldoret.

Later Faulu lost the case and was ordered to pay Mr Kendagor Sh200,000 for his cattle plus Sh209,205 as lost income, the cost of the suit and accrued interests.[/B]

Taking a loan often looks wise, especially where a borrower is servicing multiple debts and his or her bank has offered to pay them off.

This is the offer that Agnes Masimbo took hook, line, and sinker.

“I accumulated so many debts that my payslip was always in the red,” she says.

Her bank offered to pull her out of the mess. “My bank offered to lend me Sh950,000.

I agreed because the offer would leave me with one loan. I would also have some cash at the end of the month.”


Yap masses voting based on ethnic lines ! Okuru Okot and the likes of Ondeng will never stand a chance ! Granted there has been some improvements as seen in the nominations acting as the presidents shadow doesn’t endear you to the masses you have to be on the ground.

Running is his right. Even Hellon treated us to nonsense Placenta party and got aired on National tv giving us his manifesto of how how would desalinate Indian Ocean water for all of us. His running mate was an Osungu.dll patient, he had been kicked in the mouth by introverts donkey and run over by TATA three times.

Umesahau the biggest clown-candidate of them all: Kingwa Kamencu.