3gas + 1 electric cooker

Which cooker brand would you recommend in 2024 with so many brands in the market. Hii Bjs wenye wametumia iko aje?

Njeri yaa chkua beko

I bought Mika and it serves me well but I preferred all gas. I grill various marinated meats with potatoes and it takes maximum 45 minutes to do it.

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Ariston cooker

kijana ya singo matha njeri oa bibi ashugulikie ii upuss, atapata mawaidha huko salon kwa wamama wenzake.
in the meantime rusha namba ya mamako inbosk nitakupeleka rúracio kama mzee wa boma.

VON is a good brand. I have used one since 2015, and I can recommend it, by then it was 26k sahizi sijui price yake just because I have one and not planning to buy another one.

Brand doesn’t matter, what matters is how you handle the appliance but enda HotPoint utasaidika