3D Printing of Carbon Fibre



Pretty neat

Atleast leo umekumbuka hii handle.

Una search vitu YouTube inatuwekea hapa ndo tukulick mcoondu naniiiiiii???

Nugu hii, ati wewe ni Engineer? Unatafuta madem tafuta youtube. Mefii

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@Randy why don’t architectural firms print out models of the houses rather than cutting them from paper? Would be cheaper and faster to print, polish and paint. Probably even run some lighting through it. They already have the drawings

Unataka marinated tortoise? Mimi ni chef pale kibanda

Gay! Unanitafutia nini nugu. Pikia pinks youtube. Mefii wewe.

Guys are using but it takes alot of time just to print a single element.
During the global entrepreneurs summit there was guy from MKU who had designed a working prototype from scratch using local materials.