3Bed Bungalow for 2.9m.. 30k pm?

Hii inakaa deal poa somehow?


Location ndio shida… this is a banda homes project.

Sq.ft. ? How many baths ?

Haina patio

Looks like a good deal.

The plot size ni 20 by 50 na ni Kenyatta Road on your way to Gatundu . Lol.
Go to Syokimau or Ruiru Membley and buy a 50X100 plot at 3 to 4 million.
Pesa ya kujenga tafuta later

That’s an airbrushed slum, think of the 10s of families that’ll be packed into that tiny space…Zero privacy and chaos.

Nope, this is opposite mangu 4.5km from the road… za kenyatta road ziko on a 50×100ft
Membley plot ya 50x 100ft for 4m?

Yep kunazo. The ones bordering Eastern bypass to the left just before you get to Prisons Junction. Or nyuma ya clayworks ukipenda.
Anyway why pay 30k rent for a 3 bed house in Witeithie of all places?

Io area nailewa sana apo io bei ni tricky…na plot za apo si 50 x100.

Syokimau Wananchi, Katanior Kiungani Roads are even better propositions. Very nuce gated communities 50x100 unapata na 3 million.
Witeithie ni Githurai ya Thika.

Yep, uko wezi ni wengi sana…

That price…I doubt the integrity of the materials used.

Ntapiga lap hizo sides nicheki hizo plots,I hope si kuchocha unachocha…security iko aje huko??

Security iko sawa. Was there this week nikazunguka extensively with a broker and I really liked the place.

20yrs down the lane itakua inakaa Landimawe

Tembea ruiru ridge that place is coming up nicely. …

1/8 inaenda na mangapi? Security?? Rental prices zinakaa aje?

Uko hakuna rentals its controlled development.
1/8 ni 3.5 - 4.5m