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Imefikia hapa, propaganda maximum


They better be.these are their last months of spewing garbage and hatred online .from august wachukue jembe kama wakenya wenzao waingie shamba.@nattydread tuko pamoja?
Luckily,the reality on the ground is different. Common mwananchi has no time for blogging,only a tiny % who by the way ,most don’t vote.
Niaje ustadh lakini? Hii panya tumenasa ama

Uncle nyam some of these idiots think Kenyans are stupid to buy such cheap propaganda. It’s time to change leadership .that’s all na writing is on the wall

Kalonzo will bolt out of Naswo 2007 style.

ISN’T that what you guys said when nasa was being formed . I can’t believe you have just believed that image …I had high regard for you doc but unaniangusha

Referring to yourself as H.E is as dumb as taking the podium in a formal gathering and introducing yourself as “Mister” John Wambugu.

It’s people other than yourself who should refer to you as “your excellency”, “his excellency” or even “Mister”.

Umesoma site inaitwa www.kenya-today.com Hiyo ndiyo outlet ya NASA ya propaganda. Alafu Sasa kuna www.therealraila.com au sijui ni realraila.com - hiyo sasa wanamaliza Raila hapo… Inakaa official mbaya. Alafu zote mbili wamenunua domain name so acha kudhani kuna side nzuri… Tulia tu. Ukijiskia kuchoma vitu wakati ya Elections choma za kwenu

Ka-Wiper got jokes!! Didn’t these clowns claim to have a water-tight agreement that waa signed, sealed and lodged with the Registrar of Political Parties?

And we try to tell our media-folk to stop inflating every ‘opposition’ fart and rally, hawaskii.

Nyenze and Musila will be vindicated.

I have a theory, and it has to do with a fake foundation and a crooked family conning donors. AND, … it is not DP Ruto who sent the sniffer dogs.:D:D:D


Kabisa! Its kinda silly that peopl imagine only one side relies on propaganda. Some of these things are done by lone wolves and not as either party’s actions

It is very demoralising to see a grown-up talking like a kid. Kalonzo was short-changed and he knows it. Now he’s deep in the shit and he he just can’t ship out! And bitterness is eating him away, deep in his heart and conscience!

Ask yourself, the nasa propaganda machinery has been telling us, and the Kalenjin community, all along that Ruto cannot just become the president of Kenya, because just being a deputy president is not an automatic assurance that you will ascend to the presidency.
Now, they want the Kamba to just believe that Kalonzo is more special than Ruto and come 2022, there won’t even be an election! Kalonzo will be crowned!

Aiii! Ndikwenda, ninalea!

You have a catchy name @faceshit

@Chifu please niletee ile gunia hii ngombe ingie ndani

@Abba kwani handle yako ilikubore ndio ukaunda hii Faceshit? Multi-handling ain’t your forte my fren.

I don’t know why you guys call me abba. I’m not abba @gashwin. Nitakuambia Mara ngapi

Ni sawa tunajua wewe ni faceshiet