32 seater bus

Looking for advice on how to maximize income on 32 seater bus.

Are there companies like tour companies that take them on long term basis?

Looking to get a new one from Isuzu. Plan is for it to ply one of these long distance routes.

Ibebe shtundu from Western.

Hips and thighs isn’t a serious handle for the kind of info you are looking for.


Hizi ni zile handles wanakujanga nazo kutusumbua tuwaambie
location ya the best brothels in town.

you cant afford it stick to your lane. chasis pekee bila body costs 3.2million.a good quality body from lets say kenya coach industries(K.C.I) costs upto 1.5million. huwezi fika bei nunua tuktuk na utulie

I was just about to recommend Isuzu Polo for long distance but then I also saw the handle and backed out

Enyewe this handle is not serious. how do I change it?

Meanwhile I will really appreciate any solid information.

Also 5.5million is if you have the graffiti and other accessories installed by Isuzu. Am taking a plain one which is relatively cheaper

long distance wont cut it for that bus (itahema sana)…weka short distance … route za tao …itachapa haraka but by three to five years depending na bidii ya crew, ur purchasing money would be back .