32' Led Display Tv Replacement

hello guys does anyone know of a fundi within town who does display replacements for led,smart and digital TV’s ? Kindly provide details am in need of one my 32 inch display broke .

Watu wa AUCMA, TCL, BRUHM et. al mnasumbua

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It’s much easier to take back to the dealers if the warranty is still valid… depends with the model though

warranty had already expired and the dealer Armco said the don’t have the displays in stock .

mine is Armco previously Sanyo …

Nunua tu tv ingine. Unless you are okay with spending 3 quarters of the TV’s original price on screen replacement. Which is highly likely going to be the case.

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Thanks for your advice I wanted to inquire about the prices first if it will be that expensive then i will consider buying another other than replacing ,I do appreciate alot

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just buy a new one,i tried replacing smart Samsung screen,used 20k replacing and when i reached home kuihang kwa wall showed funny colours and that was it…just threw it and bought a new one


Thanks man kwa kunichanua your advice is highly appreciated .

NV Sony yangu iko chini ya kitanda…sony center meffi walidai 20k, niliponyoka na Hisense ya 26k …io maneno nikamaliza…meffi wewe


Sasa huko chini ya kitanda uliwekea viatu na slippers ziwe zinawatch ama ?


:smiley: Jinga

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I was here some days ago with the Same problem, hisense 32" Tafuta watu wa kununua motherboard na ulete connection i dispose mine too

buy tu ingine.hisence is the best

OK, watu wa TV brand ndogo ndogo sikizeni and listen well. I wont repeat myself.

[li]Go to jumia or kilimall[/li][li]Find your TV brand[/li][li]Check the sellers name. They are probably the only company with a licence to sell them in Kenya, as in sole distributors.[/li]
[li]Go and google them for contacts[/li][li]Call them. If your product is less than 12months invoke your warranty. If more, bargain a repair deal. [/li][/ol]

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Uza hio ata 3k, ongeza ununue Tv nyingine, ama uje nikuuzie replacement screen 17k:D

What’s the best 32 led digital hd tv with a budget of about 25k? ???

Go for Sony or top up and get LG/ SAMSUNG 32 SMART


You asked for recommendations and those were mine, they cost around 25-30k:(