300K Yet To Join School



Stop taking kids to boarding school. Kids should go to day schools karibu na kwao. The Kenyan system is fucked up. Boarding schools are supposed to be for the rich and fully equipped with matrons, dispensaries, etc etc - something that Kenyan schools don’t have (ata Alliance bado ni poorly equipped).

Hii upuzi ya poorly equipped boarding schools should be gotten rid of. Kids should stay home, close to their parents.


It’s bad wadau, wait for half term and see how many won’t go back. Many reported with afew thousands only

You may assume so, but trust me with the kenyan setup, boarding schools are safer than most homes. Cases za domestic violence, early pregnancy, rape, child labor and other violations are more than frequent in the middle to lower class homes.


In this CBC era, i wonder why stable parents should take their kids to boarding schools

Brainless bonobos don’t like anyone who cares about them.