3000+ Americans Die Of covid19 In One Day Na Bado!

By December 31st 5000 per day will be the average


Confusion i have is, then what are those doctors saying and why ?


Ndindu this is absolutely fake data prepared by the enemies of President Trump. The same way they cooked election figures is the very same way they have been cooking these Covid figures to make the president look bad.

Now watch very closely as we move towards the supreme court the numbers will keep getting higher to scare the public.

The figures are being cooked in Obama’s basement where he is linked directly to CNN. I think Obama wakes up in the morning and guesses a new figure.

Even George Floyd was posted as a covid statistic and of course I am sure he voted via mail in ballot for Biden.


ata kama you love U.S.A , you are now 'coming too much '…you dont have to kiss uncle sam’s a*s on everything…unatetea america na tunajua covid namalisa wao …

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