30 years


You must buy one 2 years after graduation or before you hit 30. If you haven’t bought one, you are a failure in the society. Hakuna kitu utatuambia.

It doesn’t matter which model or make you buy. Anything that moves; anything that takes you from one place to another will be counted as a car.

Mimi nashangaa sana. How do some of you operate without a car? Are you lazy ama mshahara ndio kidogo? Come on. You must work hard and buy one. A car is a basic need just like food, clothing and shelter.

You will find somebody living in a rented house in Nairobi commuting to work daily using a congested matatu. Anaomba loan anajenga nyumba home; a house that he or she will never live in.

I call it misplaced priority. Omba loan nunua gari kwanza.

What’s preventing you from buying a car? Mimi kuna deal nangoja.

/Cc Nyams

Umeffi post…Troll harder:meffi:

[SIZE=5]Jamaa amepata loan ya Peugeot 504 akasema kijiji haitalala.[/SIZE]

Naomba loan nilipe mahari alafu niende Dubai. Gari inaweza ngoja

Mimi nilianza na jack na spare wheel. Next year nanunua windshield. Mambo ni moss moss.

What about those of us who live next to town. By the time natoa gari Kutoka parking my friend is already in a mat halfway to town.

Why buy if you can’t maintain it

If these is your level of reasoning you are a fool, vehicles depreciate when owned and land appreciates .

I would rather have a house over car any day… a car is a liability…

A decent ride may set you back around 300 - 350k. Sasa mtu kama @captain obvious with his cyber salo ya 9k it will take him about 3years saving 100% of his salo. Wacha aendelee na matatu tu

You are a fool too

Si umtombe?

I am already done with vehicles. I am in the process of acquiring a brand new chopper from Israel. 230m is my budget