30-Year-Old Woman with 10 Kids Says Unemployed Husband Wants 22 Children

[li]An anxious woman from Kakamega with 10 kids is currently pregnant with her 11th child [/li][li]According to Gentrix Wekesa, her husband thinks having a few kids only makes one a laughing stock [/li][li]He also believes that having many kids ensures that the number of kids who may go astray will not affect how much help they get in future because they have many kids[/li]
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Wachana na watu na sexual organs yao.

kawaida ya the poor

wewe na mkeo @BADASS mnapangia wa ngapi?

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Watu wazae thats how we will populate Western nation na hizo liberal law zao. An overcrowded earth is a win against LGBTQchieth.

That must be ango Uwes. Alisema anataka 22 shidrens

More watchmen and mboches are needed in Westlands to serve the wealthy who made smarter decisions in life. :D:D

@uwesmake 's youngest sister ni mboch and she earns her keep :D:D

Wacha wazae… poverty ikiwatwanga wasikuje kutusumbua.

Exactly… Muhindi is always looking for cheap labour to exploit pale industrial area.

We are straight ghaseer , wewe Dio hutombwer mcoondur na your lover ,na huwa hakatai .

Let the poor handle their poverty alone. At least watachotewa kakitu na MCA wa kwao for producing votes. As long as you can vote in Kenya, you’re as powerful as the richest man in Kenya. In theory anyway

here is an explanation


target ni 30 , omwami