30 million Kenyans applied for green card?

Kweli Kenyans fear Hustler. Sasa tukitoroka sisi wote nani atalipa deni za China na taxes za KRA. Some of us who are very comfortable in Kenya sisi ndio munataka kutuachia hii group ya waporaji? Kenyans let’s fight for our country. Instead of kutoroka. There’s no place like home.

Uongoooo. On average 10-11 million people apply for the green card globally.

It’s 30k not 30m dimwit

@captain obvious alinukisha pale cyber

It is very advisable. Especially for the jobless and those living on the breadline. Kenya ina wenyewe and if you ain’t one of them pls ship out, make money, invest, then move back if you want to.

Who counted them?

If you have a reasonable way of surviving in Kenya, kaa nyumbani.

—True dat. The money might look good for the same job you have in Kenya, but the cost of living is much higher in Yuesss. Also, the micro aggressions can be stifling especially if you are Kavirondo, Kirinyaga or Kipterer dark.
—But if you are in the medical field the returns can justify exiting
—Also, if you are jobless and have spent all your time at the Moguka base, any opportunity to leave is a reasonable choice. But avoid JoBurg and India by all means

Same phenomena in Ghana. Their cybers were full.But probably the 9 out of 10 applications automatically land in a trash folder once an African application is detected by keywords algorithms.

Ukweli kapsaa. Elimisha watu

Now I understand why you all bash dis bish. Clueless female non the less


Didn’t know Kirinyagans are that nyeuuuuss

Bish ni mamako. Why do you want me to have a clue? Kwani I’m a detective? I don’t have to have any clue. I’m good in the 254, I don’t care if you all apply I’m here even for Hitler. You and your hustlers group will be the hardest hit in a few months. Enda uite mamako Malaya female. Soma ufike Mahali nimefika ndio uniite clueless female, tell your hoe mother to teach you how to talk.