3 Ways Kenya can be first world nation....

  1. Kenyans become enlightened and knowledgeable and elect the right leaders to the top positions… Highly likely… But this can only happen in the next 70 years
  2. A benevolent dictator like Kagame rises to the leadership in kenya and starts changing our culture and ways of doing things… To hate corruption, tribalism and the rest, enforces law and order for all… Somehow likely but charging by the current crop of leaders it look just like a mere dream
  3. Revolution occuring… Highly unlikely… Given Kenyans habits which seem to tolerate the corrupt and being taxed the more without taking any meaningful action…
    Given this analogy it seems we must be ready to get used to a shithole Kenya for the next 70 years. Development may only happen after we are gone

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3 is the only way!!

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