3 eden hekaya

the year is 1995 and am a 16 year old with testestorene bubbling in my system like like jakom ambitions for state house.
word on the dorm is that there is a mongering den on Luthuli avenue, hitherto popular for cheap chips, that is the stuff of dreams and even my young naive mind had put question marks on the tales that were told.
this so called eden had 3 floors.
first floor, consistent with our black skin inferiority complex; was laden with Kenyan puss.this was supposedly the cheapest and starters were around 20 bob a pop.
second flor was Eastern European blondes.
third floor, which was supposedly the cherry on the pie, was exclusively eastern asians and Brazilians…lol. here you were going to shell something in the neighborhood of 70 big ones.

now of course even my form 2 mind wondered why anyone would fly from Japan to a shit hole like Luthuli avenue to sell cunt for 0.000000000003 yen; to a teenager who was too scared to shower with cold water and and stunk all the way to the high heavens.
having saved 100 bob of my pocket money, I made my way to Luthuli avenue in 1996 and the next challenge was spotting the elusive aperture that was the entrance to heaven on earth.
and yes, the entrance was as narrow and elusive as can be.
having climbed the first staircase, with my heart pounding like a nyatiti during maandamano in Bondo,i was met by a giant kikuyu woman. all she had was a t shirt and her pot belly put my father’s to shame.
in shock I stammered ’ njia ya kwenda juu ni wapi?’
she retorted back "jia ya kweda njuu ni hapa hapa’! as she pointed between her titanic thighs.
and with a smack to the back of my head, she send me airborne all the way back down.

I saw a few years ago about a fire in the same place. what became of it? this place is a shrine in my heart. that was where I broke my cherry back in 1998.

Is this shit real?

East Asians and Brazilians being hotter than ladies from East of Europe?
Please apologize.!

Lol… now you are getting political… who is hotter? Giselle or Melania Trump?

3 Eden was converted into a shopping complex called Skymall,yenye ilichomeka ni Goodhope

Wow…that is news to me. I knew there is no way that den would still be in business. Thanks for the update!

Kulifungwa 2012, manze hio place ilikuwa mbaya watu walikua wanaibiwa hadi nguo.

lmfao…you fucked with your shoes on and held onto you wallet!

Skymall? You don’t know what you are talking about.

okay! are we confusing facts here?

Ha ha ha ha!

Looks that way. That is where some of us became men, back in the 80s and it was nowhere near where skymall is.

lets be clear; this place was on Luthuli avenue, had a very narrow elusive entrance, had 3 floors, a tiny useless dingy bar;if that, was littered with chaga Tanzanian women…

:D:D:D:D, you tickle my funny bone, reminds me when in form 3 back in 99 we used to imbibe on nyuki, and funny enough, our fathers agemate would buy round for the vijana.


that nyuki shit destroyed a lot of livers in the late 90s. whatever happened to kibuku?!

Pengine ni jina nimekosea but 3eden was converted to a business premises

no walls. just bed sheets dividing between beds and you heard the pounding slaps right next to you. this was Gomorrah of modern age.

can’t blame the confusion. even pros would have a hard time finding this den

Manze ata ni vizuri hivyo kulifungwa huko tulikua tunatoka bila viatu watu walikua wanajificha chini ya kitanda

lmfao!! in eden…you would never take anything off. a bro finished up only to realize his jeans were gone. but that is hekaya for another day.