3 CAS per ministry???!!!!

Kenyans we warned you. Zakayo, Rig G and Madvds wives all have offices budgeted for by your taxes. Now here we go again with a blotted cabinet. Hii pesa yooote plus for counties itatoka wapi na tunaambiwa tuko broke and madeni to our necks. Mambo bado. Scandals hata hazijaanza. You will understand the true meaning of slavery very soon. Meanwhile Electricity is going up by 78% so ongeza hio kwa budget ukingoja more increments.

This account is no longer being run by kapote haselofu…Hiyo grammar imekataaa

Mamboz ya kukunywa konyangi aki post

I didn’t see your name there. What happened?


I’m Baba damu. Stop insulting me buana.

Some of those people on the list are Baba damu. Theres two I know personally.

Cost of maintaining one CAS per month.
Salary +salaries+perdiems-2M
Car grant- 10M
House - 30M
Office Expenses +staff -5M.
Miscellaneous- 2M
Total=49M. 49M×50
CASes = 2.45B per month.
Annually, they will gobble 29.4Billion.

UDA people will help us to pay them:D