2million kwa tbills bonds via standard chartered

I have 2million lying around am thinkin of tbill infracture bond return is 12% to 16% for 7yrs has anyone ever done this bonds tbill before and how was ur experience and who did u do it with dont tell me to buy land or start chicken ama dairy farm

Go ahead and try utuletee hekaya . Every great investment starts with a serious risk

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nowadays t-bills ndio zinabamba, hujui Arror ako na mipango zipi na uchumi yetu. Hapana peana pesa yako kwa muda mrefu


Anus licker, what happened to we will never borrow at more than 9%?

Following closely…

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Have done it for years. There’s nothing like who did you do it with. They are offered by Central Bank. Simply walk onto your bank and ask to open a
Cds account. Then you purchase from that account.

Very safe investment. And you can purchase property with a loan secured by the treasuries you buy.


True. Na hii serikali, long term investments require balls of steel on your part. Tbonds issa no. Money market funds are now about 11%pa. You can get your money back within 3 days. Deposit rates are also high. Kingdom bank is offering as high as 14%pa. Interesting alternatives to tbills.
All the best.

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You can do secondary markets btw

these are the types of threads we need


When buying these government tbills and bonds what happens when the public oversubscribes? Unarudishiwq pesa ama you allocated a percentage of the bonds you offered to buy?

Dont try that nonesense.Tried it and burnt my fingers.What people dont realise is that there is an inverse relationship between bond prices and interest rates.Any time CBK raise the rate the price of your bond in the open market will plummet.In other words your principle is not guaranteed.Its why Stanchart makes one sign an indemnity b4 onboarding one to such.Better mutual funds/Fixed deposits albeit the menial returns.

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kopesha Enigma 1.5M akurudishe na 20% interest after 1 year

Bank employees are clueless. They have no idea what any other thing that is not there job works.
I remember asking SC to buy me T Bills. I was the one teaching them! Decided to put that money in my account. Now I consider that my BIGGEST regret this year.

Just open a cds account first.

How were your fingers burnt?

Principle is not guaranteed how?

Bond prices and interest rate affect your bonds how, if you’re not trading in secondary market. Why not hold to maturity.

Why buy through StanChart, if you don’t intend to ask for loans against the bonds. You can buy directly from cbk.

Wewe nikama you were conned somewhere by someone. Govt Securities are the easiest form of investment in Kenya. Even grand parents invest in them.

Kenya has never defaulted on any domestic paper.

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The value of the principle will be fully realized upon maturity

Care elaborating on this… You mean the CBKDhow Platform ama?! Been trying signing up to no avail.

I work with a bank. Bring it i fix it for you at 12% for 1 year.

The worst ideas ni hizi za kuambiwa na watu. Do your own research and scratch your own itch