26-10-2017 (unofficial thread)


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What the fuck is this?

More NASA propaganda…

Forms 34 ya training, mbona hukupiga form yote picha ng’ombe wewe!


Wewe ni Chebukati?

Photographer ako down… Whole document please we discuss relevancy…

This time around the forms have been pre-printed with all details of the polling station and have been bar-coded to IEBC format.


cheki maneno

na si mtafanya kazi mingi ya erections you are not taking part in …or are you (as disruptors)?



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these are forms filled during IEBC staff training…post the full page

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Hii form enda nayo ujipanguzie meffi kwa choo.


If this is true @Wepukhulu=meffi and meffi=@Wepukhulu…Where is the whole document?

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Enda rusha mawe Lucky summer sio hapa.


Wephekuku wewe ni kuku kulu kweli

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Ni hawa ma returning officer wa nasa who were sending chiloba half-scanned forms and in landscape


IEBC just sent me a message asking me to go an vote.Hizi zingine zote mimi sizitambui.I hope my vote will put an end to all these political bullshiet

@Wepukhulu ameingia miitini,

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ako. na handle number 14.

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Lucky Summer ni Moto wa kuotea mbali for Kikuyu’s .This weekend kazi imekuwa kuhamisha my 2 brothers and from the look of things they will relocate to another Okuyu friendly place.Things are getting a bit complex , the “Kikuyu Community” had a function today na wakachinja 40 plus mbuzi/kondoo and some people who were not happy waka block the road that leads to the Estate hapo Gathecha and lit tyres.