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At a height of 43.5M the Mazeras Bridge 2 will be the highest along the SGR route.[ATTACH=full]74735[/ATTACH]

Langata Cemetery was declared full in 1996. It was opened in 1958.[ATTACH=full]74736[/ATTACH]

Kitum Cave in Mt.Elgon; Elephants and other animals walk into the cave to lick its’ salty walls and rocks.

FYI This is Paradise lost,Kiambu County. A nice place just 15KM from Nairobi City. You can visit it today[ATTACH=full]74738[/ATTACH]

In Kituluni hill Machakos county the law of Gravity is defied…Whereby when water is poured down,its seen flowing up the hill

car travells uphill
by itself , with the ignition is off. Phycists in the village kindly explain this phenonmenon…

The Kenyan Wildlife Service posted this on their Facebook page. The sad truth. [ATTACH=full]74744[/ATTACH]

Nairobi at night as seen from the International Space Station

Tejas Hirani is a Kenyan pro Formula 1 driver. He won the UAE’s Formula Gulf 1000 Series Race.[ATTACH=full]74747[/ATTACH]

Vulture waiting for starved child to die The photographer later committed suicide. Remember the needy this festive season[ATTACH=full]74748[/ATTACH]
Lamu island is a part of Kenya but life there is really something different. Magical is all i can say…Tembea Kenya[ATTACH=full]74750[/ATTACH]

Samburu National Reserve looks like a wallpaper…

This is what morning rush hour looks like in Maasai Mara…[ATTACH=full]74752[/ATTACH]

Proud Maasai warrior spotted riding the tube in London. [ATTACH=full]74753[/ATTACH]

Did you know an elephant could creep up on you and you wouldn’t hear it? This is according to residents of Meru, Laikipia, Taita, Nyeri counties. Such an ernomous animal with quiet footsteps…[ATTACH=full]74754[/ATTACH]

Keeping bee hives in your farm actually drives away elephants as they are irritated by the buzzing of bees. Share this with your constituents to avoid the deaths and destruction left by these animals.


keep them coming

That last point about elephants is true, when I was a kid before they built the electric fence around Mt Kenya elephants used to visit our farm at night and eat all the crop we never heard anything we would just wake up to find the crops destroyed and big mountains of shit everywhere


Swafi kaka. Tafuta MMNN akupee kazi pale tycoon news.

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Really looking forward to your posts. Very informative.

now that’s what’s up. Naona umeskiza elder Okwonkwo

Fantastic info, Samburu kumbe iko juu ivo, ama its just a few areas:D:D:D

note: the Vulture - Hungry child photo, its also an important fact; but its not in any way connected to 254…


Huyo mzungu ameshangaa sana na huyo moran. :smiley: :smiley:


Anajiuliza maswali.kama thao.plus… Such as how didi it happen or who let this monkey enter our city

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The picture was posed for.

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@Da Vinci pia used to post informative stuff. never seen him of late…



Kitum Cave in Mt.Elgon; Elephants and other animals walk into the cave to lick its’ salty walls and rocks.

@Female Perspective come i lick your salty walls


You mean his armpits??

That pic of elephants and the tusks crushes me. But that mountain of shit comment killed me.

I was about to correct him on that but you beat me into it. Kweli wewe ni Toka Mbio.

The photo won a Pulitzer Prize but the owner committed suicide coz of numerous questions: If the child reached the feeding camp or not? If the vulture eventually got it’s meal or not? Why did he not help the child or at least chase the vulture away?

The photo was taken in Southern Sudan (now a republic known as South Sudan) amid civil wars and extreme hunger.


FP ni msupa… Ata kneepits nitalamba

And this
The Giraffe Manor; probably the only place in the world birrionaires can dine with Giraffes looking in. We peasants are usually directed to the Giraffe Centre :slight_smile: .


unajua gathiuru?

That sounds like somewhere in nyeri… kwetu ni meru imenti