25 Everyday Items That NASA Invented

[li]Artificial limbs. …[/li][li]Scratch-resistant lenses. …[/li][li]Insulin pump. …[/li][li]Firefighting equipment. …[/li][li]DustBusters. …[/li][li]LASIK. …[/li][li]Shock absorbers for buildings. …[/li][li]Solar cells[/li][li]Mattress Foam[/li][/ul]


Can we have more products from Chinese space Program, or they will build theirs on NASA Technology.
@Abba , do you enjoy any of these products ?

Solar cells, mattress na fire-fighting equipment ni vitu za muhimu sana. Kudos to the Americans

Nasa gaved the world

• Artificial limbs -Ambroise Paré. (france) 1545, US patented it in 1846 ,oldest prosthetic. 3000BCE egypt
[li]Scratch-resistant lenses-Dr. Theodore Wydeven, [/li][li]Insulin pump. …1960 arnold Kadish (jewish)[/li][li]Firefighting equipment. ?..Captain George William Manby UK[/li][li]DustBusters. …Mark Proett and Carroll Gantz 1970[/li][li]LASIK- Gholam Peyman (iranian) …[/li][li]Shock absorbers for buildings. …Maurice Houdaille. (France)[/li][li]Solar cells-Edmond Becquerel 1839 (france)[/li][li]Mattress Foam- Charles Yost under nasa contract[/li][/ul]
Hamburgers ,hotdogs and coca cola are US inventions,(maybe yes) . Uncle sam has either braindrained, piggybacked or stolen inventions. But kwa sasa wacha tukubaliane NASA ‘perfected’ the inventions. I know pseudo gringos wa kijiji wataniuwa:D

Mattress foam yes
Solar cells maybe… yes

Tom manyee kazi yako ni kukimbia google kutafuta facts…

Na Upussy ilikuwa ya nini ?

On this forum, the @Nyamgondho is as relevant as NASA.

Kwani uli catch? Beside the point niliona uli survive heat wave…

When I bought my Tempur-Pedic mattress, the salesman told me that it was developed by NASA, didn’t know what he was talking about. What a great invention, the mattress is one of a kind!

Tempur material was the first iteration of memory foam, developed by NASA to absorb the pressure of takeoff and landing for astronauts. The polyurethane foam was named Tempur for its temperature-regulating properties. After NASA released the formula for the foam into the public domain, one Swedish company acquired the the product, tweaked the formula, and began selling the first generation of memory foam mattresses in the early 1990s. Eventually, the company Tempur-Pedic was incorporated and began to distribute in the U.S., and a Kentucky businessman, Robert Trussell Jr., saw the promise in the Tempur mattress after sleeping one night on one. Three short years after the first Tempur-Pedic mattress hit the U.S. market, the company was generating more than $6 million in sales.

Today, Tempur-Pedic employs its own scientists, from New Mexico to Denmark, to iterate on the Tempur material on a molecular level. The result? More pressure-relieving power, more effective movement isolation, and more cool-to-the-touch fabrics, for a mattress that’s truly out of this world.

Ju nyinyi ma pseudo gringo munaringia watu ju mnajiona bazungu just becoz kassin yako anakutumia kakirru kila mwezi. Sharrap. Gugu has facts sio kupayuka,no wonder we have a few ding dongs here who’ll believe anything…i hope you are not one of them,judging by your opinion ofcourse