24 hour Forex Bureau in the CBD

Wadau, nadai directions. Iko mtu atafika tao usiku na hana pesa ya kutumia.

Usiku sangapi? aende Eastleigh 24hr economy city

Before saa mbili.

Casino ndio only 24hr forex najua

cbd ya wapi? Kitui

Nairobi, kondoo hii.

Why do you want a forex bureau, tell your friend to visit the nearest ATM (they all support visa and mastercard) and withdraw kenya shilling

If they must use a bureau, and assuming they are flying in, tell them to look for one in the duty-free area (they operate 24 hours) , but they will be shafted on the rates

Casino ya Singh iko na for ex 2407


Kuna casino hapo next to Kimathi house, wataku sort

Most hotels will change for you at the counter. Terrible rate though but who’s counting if it’s pesa ya kujismamia.

Hilton ndani there’s one

Hilton na hata hii yenye arap Singh amenunua 680 hunisort in such situations…But rates ni mbovu…just change enough for that night