23 yr old attempted suicide


Arzhao ahai will still claim there’re no young women available for Old guys to marry, that stupid wanker!!!

nimalizie hii ghaseer

Astakiwe na kina pamba quick fast.

@Sambamba amekataa kuoa kabisa! Amekataa kupeana mbegu kata kata.

@Azor Ahai ghasia hii, come here and justify why you married a single mother?!!

I am not your grandmother usinitaje kwa arguments zenyu za upuzi


By the time she hits thate she’ll have seen how stupid she was and by then she’ll have a borehole that she’ll be trying to turn into a vending machine

34yrs at best.Its downing on women these days that men are the prize.

tafuta @patco akutombe uwache makasiriko

Huyo hawezi kuwa 23. She is 35