23 Year Old Man With 7 Children Claims Daughter To Be His


[SIZE=7]23 Year Old Man with 7 Children Claims Daughter to be His
([SIZE=7]Paternity Court[/SIZE])[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]Two men join forces and bring a woman to court to find out if either of them is
the father of her baby girl[/SIZE]

seems you just discovered paternity court. Go ahead and look for judge lynns divorce court, steve wilkos show and the maury show. you will find them very entertaining.


When did you buy your first TV?

By sixteen most niggaz in the projects are daddies, by twenty they are in jail with three babby mommas. I once went for the funeral of a nigga who was an Afghan veteran but with hiv and drug problem. The gathered family was chaotic, three generations living in one house, the grandma was a thirty year old dry fry sister to the late who lived with the late

The last sentence haieleweki. The grandma used to dry fry the late ama vipi?

a thirry-year old dry fry, and a sister to the late. Yaani a sweet young thing and she was a granny, got her daughter at fifteen, and when the daughter reached fifteen she didnt dissapoint, ugali hutoka kwa unga

The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Very sad that she didn’t learn from her mistakes and guide her daughter.

Very sad situation. Its like a group of people that have surrendered to the vicious cycle of life. Very unlike our ghettos where people yearn and strugfle to get out. I angered some when I told them that if our govts offered services half of what the american govt and society offered, there’d be no slums in Kenya.

If the Govt provided such there are those who will use the opportunity to elevate themselves and those who will still remain in the trenches. A good example is the Coasterians who sell any aid extended to them.

The ratio of those who do is minimal. Immigrants who cant speak English take up unskilled jobs and make it, whike these guys stay in the projects drooling. Those who get jobs stick to one job while immigrants take up several jobs and afford to live in middle class estates or take mortgages. I worked at a supermarket with one nigga and also did other jobs while the guy held to one job, closing for the day to play pool and drink with buddies in the projects (govt welfare houses). I paid foe school, rent and was able to buy a car. The dude looked at me when I offered to drop him of at the train station “Meen, you buy a car on 12 dollars an hoir pay? How did you do that?” told him I woek three jobs and take up random shifts and he was like “And you still go to school? I can never do that, it’d kill me!” I didnt even tell him that I was living in a two bedroom house with a friend of 1200 dollars rent and I paid half

Their mentalities are of someone accepted his/her fate.