20yr old mindfking me.... Part II

I read with much amusement ktalkers views on my thread of Monday i think. That post revealed much about the commenters more than me but I digress. The point of today’s thread is to let the self righteous pricks know that:

  1. It is not about slices only. The discerning among you picked that up. The halfwits as usual were thinking with their nether regions.
  2. The missus, or rather soon to be ex missus is neither too beautiful nor too ugly, to quote the great whispers. She earned her folks quite an investment or rather, a Pajero. Wale wa whispers najua tuko pamoja.
  3. I don’t wanna look like I’m justifying my actions to an online, anonymous crowd but my marriage has been in the doldrums so this new lady is an eye opener as to how a relationship between two people should be. Just because people are married does not give leeway for spouses to jipa shugli because wamewekwa ring.
  4. Yes yes I know, it might be early days to tell if this will last, but hey, life is short. Cannot sit around waiting for an epiphany. Pia huyu akidisappoint, many fishes in the sea. But I think no more ceremonies for me. From now on ni Boko Haram style.

Tl;dr Life is short. Enjoy today. If a situation is killing your vibe, end it before you end up on prime time news, having killed your whole bloodline and yourself. All in the name of kuchunga jina bla bla bla. Ferk it.


wacha nitafute part I

What will happen when you are done with your PYT? Hook another one and cycle continues? I won’t judge coz it doesn’t affect me but Mùka mùkùrù acokeragwo na machozi.

Hauwezi saidika na hio avatar yako ,unakaa mtu tumaringo wale wakusema sahani ni chafu,Chakula haijaiva vizuri yaani mwanaume wakukatalia remote ya TV bibi akitaka kuona telemundo.


Exactly…wale watu wewe hupiga makofi juu wanakaa suspect ama malenge malenge ivi


Maybe thats why the 20 yrs old something is mind ferking him. Coz the 20 yr old something hatambui.

@kermit ng’ombe ni yako. Lisha hata ferterlizer ya foliar feed

Bila mbicha siwes ujinga

Are you, in so many words, saying that your missus is cheating on you?

Unaishi South B?

Kaa ngara kwa bedsitter polepole jinga singo madha expat .

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Why do I have this ka feeling your trolling? I hope you are by the way because if you are not utaona fayaaaa!

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Maybe we should just go back to the old days of arranged marriages (like happened to @Guru, @Meria Mata and @FieldMarshal CouchP )

Lets break this down, divorcing at 29 years, already having multiple affairs (common knowledge, if a guy publicly acknowledges one affair, then there are 10 other affairs on going). this really means you probably dont understand why exactly you want to jump from one failed marriage to another failed one.

piece of advice, stop marrying because of lust and infatuation


If a 20 something is mind ferkng you at this stage ukimuoa atakumindfungua mbooty. Ni ayo tu

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@incognitus njoo uone.
Yaani elders walikuambia kula slices but don’t get attached wewe umeamua kuwa attached na Feelings. Wacha tungojee hekaya 3 years later


Usiache mbachao kwa msala upitao

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Bibi alifanya nini? Leta hekaya priss

Alikataa tea bagging


I’m not married but I had an epiphany the other day. See, nowadays you marry someone that is convenient for you; good looking, financial,sex etc. Relationships are mainly based on lots of feelings and emotions more than before.
I think first of all is commitment. If you can’t realize that it is a lifetime commitment, no need of getting married.

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Brathe umechokoza nyuuuukkkiiiiiiii. :D:D:D:D