20th August.......BBI burial or BBI resurrection?

Let the countdown and prediction begin.

Itumbi seems to be saying something…

Personally I predict here tonight that BBI will be buried tomorrow. Though I think the court of appeal judges might vary the judgement on the issue of basic structure of the constitution and the declaration that was made that Uhuru violated chapter 6 of the constitution. But I think they; court of Appeal shall uphold all other judgements that were made by the high court with the exception of those that i have mentioned above.

Admin please pin this thread. Tomorrow is the D-Day.

The countdown officially begins…


Nobody can stop reggae

Might go through. House always wins.

A negative verdict will be good for baba because he will then campaign for 2022 saying he will bring back BBI if he wins in 2022 unlike looto who is against BBI. And FYI Mt Kenya were the biggest gainers kwa BBI with the one man one shilling maneno.

BBI is actually favoring wasapere but hawaoni

Ngaaaay code detected!

Kweli Bangi na pombe ni kitu mbaya sana. Are we still dazed, spinning and hangover’ed?? When Pastor Bill said… in the name of Jesus, Reggae, na bangi an pombe…ruswah! Reggae stopped just that. Lol Two things, either Uhuru alirogwa na Baba, Ama, he along along knew that BBI is ‘maheni’ to keep Baba busy from public rabble rousing definition.

Who cares?it’s not like it’s gonna solve our problems, if it passes through or not we are still ferked

So true.

Vile ameanza huyu reggae is not stopping.

Very true… it’s mostly favouring the politicians

Resurrection. There is no Kenyan politician around that does not want BBI. Even WSR

the Lady justice has said eternity clauses are not applicable in our progressive constitution

Sichales ruling i followed and it was plain and clear , but huyu ghassia Gathembu is all over the place

Currently watching the judgment. It’s a complex matter and the judges are allowing some grounds of appeal and dismissing others, though in total they seem to agree that the High Court judgment was proper. With the exception of Justice Fatuma Sichale who seems pro-BBI.

its 2 - 1 so far with 4 judges remaining so hio ujinga yako ya kusema they have agreed with the high court ni ushenzi

Sasa imefika (Tuiyott, Gatembu) 2-1 (Sichale) in favour of Hustler

Kwani Itumbi anajua kitu hatujui? He has just posted this;


Kiage like Sichale is very clear and articulate, ill accept his verdict

He is a very thorough and that he has so much flair. His direction will tell us how the judgement will be headed.