2040 Humans 'won't be able to live without sex robots' and will be as 'important as phones'


Pros of a Robot Wife:

never ages
never smells
works with 100% efficiency to make you happy
doesn’t turn into a psycho once a month
will never cheat on you
Robot Wife could also be good for Home Defense
can do chores for you
never complains
always wants to fuck when you want and fullfill every one of your fetishes
never initiates any Drama
can own as many robot wifes as you can afford (will make Men want to work harder)
long battery life thanks to fuel cells
completely customizable during ordering process
Robot AI learns about you to be your best possible companion
can only improve over time
easily replaceable


Umafwi thread utamu sio kutomba ni hio joto ya katikati ya miguu. Ghasia hii.

There’ll be alot of Halle Berry clones walking the streets of planet earth. What if it goes rogue and kills the owner?

There’s a chance people might turn themselves into cyborgs.

Android wife + artificial womb = something we unfortunately won’t live to see

It means the robot wife is gonna inject something into you that makes you literally addicted to her.

you do realise the value of pussy is at historic lows, right? perhaps you wouldn’t as an beta incel; but broadly speaking that is the case

Artificial wombs are already a thing; they just haven‘t been applied to humans yet
https://www . theverge. com/2017/4/25/15421734/artificial-womb-fetus-biobag-uterus-lamb-sheep-birth-premie-preterm-infant

nah because of tinder and the like sex and dating is extremely difficult for average and even above average men these dayso oneChad/alpha in an area will just hoard all the pussy in a 50 mile radius

You mean it cant work without real sex and female validation every day. Why would I need an illusion of such things?

[INDENT]Also Not the creepy ones they have artificial muscle and VR overlay and can run through the Kama Sutra on a single charge, and also make your flight reservations…[/INDENT]

you must be a lonely beta male or a old boomer. Sex Robots are pushed by Boomers. Its a conspiracy. Think about it. Boomers whole life was focused on getting as many blowjobs as possible. The Summer of love, their multiple failed marriages. Fuck them and fuck these Simp machines. Get a wife, have babies!!!

that’s looking good though because no passing on shiny eye whore genes

You must have been happy when you saw the design of Assaultrons in Fallout 4. Especially “KLEO” in Goodneighbor. Even though it sounds like a tranny.
The robot you posted looks like a Institute themed fembot though. I really like it. It’s also how I imagine Curie if she transferred into a custom robot body instead of a Synthetic (Android) body. They really need to get away from the static dolls. She needs power and synthetic muscle and an AI brain. As long as she feels real she can look like anything, especially with VR overlay. You could be fucking Chloe or kardashian

Risk for the sake of it is retarded. Risking your life for a woman and children that don’t even belong to you is retarded.

A plot like this would have made the Big O anime much more interesting and a lot creepier

Aii utatombaje dolly banae.

I’ve seen a black doll on one of the adult sites, it looked so real I thought it was an actual person

This is the height of wickedness and Satanism. Repent ye before you are destroyed by the wrath of the almighty