2027 Tutavote Na Phone Using IEBC App or USSD :)

Kenya seems to be ahead of many nations in Africa on matters technology. We have the biggest Mobile Money foothold in Africa among many firsts.

So if you can trust to send someone Ksh 100,000 which is just an SMS and the receipt is also comfortable with a simple SMS why can we have a USSD that accepts the following data fields.

ID Number HUJUMA Number / Location?

Many will say this is impossible and is prone to being compromised but this coupled with Blockchain of that era would do the job and save the country billions of Shillings.

not possible, use your bonobo braincells elkanah!

Remote voting can be abused. What is to stop a crafty dictator and its agents from herding voters into a room and forcing them to vote one way or another under the barrel of a gun!?

Having said that though, we could still vote electronically using touch screens. What ODM tried to do during nominations (in some areas) can be improved upon and deployed nationally.