2027 rigging plans

He doesn’t need to rig. Kikekuyus love him

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Clout chaser or uncle I know take care of the family before thinking of a nation. They call him a one minute man since he only won one term as mp which had Kibakis favour

Kioni is a spineless fool

Stupidity cannot be cured

Lazima aibe na hakuna kitu mtafanya

Si mlisema ata sign finance Pill tupende tusipende, why didn’t he do it. Mbwa Yeye KUMANINA ZAKE.

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Kijana …

The Generation Z vote alone is enough to take their preferred candidate to State House

They can just register and Independent Party as a vehicle and vote 3 piece for all their candidates …

It could be over by Mid-day on polling day …!!:joy::rofl::fire::fire:

Jaruo jeuri jitombe. Umbwa.

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Katambe… Hii vidaa tutaisambaza siku za uchaguzi to every youtman they will not believe

They are going out by force

Kioni can’t win a MCA seat