2027 Reelection phobia is real, how sellable will UDA be ?

Uhuru as the Leader of Jubilee Party poses the greatest threat to UDA Mt. Kenya seating MPs and other in Elective politics, hence all these shenanigans.


With or without uhunye in jubilee wataiba tu… Biggest threat ni voter apathy not even uhuru. Vile watu wamechoka mapema hivi? By the time 2027 itafika watu watakuwa aje?

How is jubilee or uhuru a threat? How many seats did they get in Mt Kenya?

Let’s factor in voter apathy, but still, if Uhuru decides to hit the campaign trail in 2027, UDA elected leaders will have a hard time recapturing their seats

How sellable will UDA be in 2027 in Mt. Kenya ? 2022 Uhuru was punished, who will be punished in 2027 ?

Uhuru was not punished. Mt Kenya kept a promise. Uhuru is a spent cartridge in Mt Kenya politics. He asked for the presidential vote three times and his people obliged. Unless he will be vying, he has no more say.

The question begs, why use all this energy fighting a spent force ?

Same thing you said when baboon was introduced in Mt Kenya with Marthare Karua in tow:D:D

Sijui niseme in Chinese. Baboon is unsellable in the mountain. If he vies, then Jambas will be assured of two terms, possibly more.

I even said it in the last election. Baboon appearance in the ballot = a foregone conclusion

Delusion. What harm can Uhuru do now that he couldn’t do as president with all the state power that came with it and his and mamas personal wealth.?

He now runs in the same circles with Gaucho and Nuru Okanga of Jakaranda grounds.

No clout anymore.
Mans has fallen!

Which energy?

Ngai!! Ati raila is not sellable in mt kenya, just try kufanya hio uchaguzi without that villain, btw he makes elections worth parcitipating, he is the mortal enemy of a kikuyu mindset.

Yea. Ruto’s biggest enemy in Mt Kenya is himself. And according to me he’s doing a spectacular job of screwing things up for himself

All Ruto needs is mganga on the ticket. Mganga recent shenanigans have cemented that resolve in MTK. Without him that’s another story

2027 itapata kama nchi yote imehama, Kenya wameachia wakale na tugege.