2023 predictions

@FieldMarshal CouchP wapi Predictions for 2023. Ghaseer
Lockdown will be back.
Arsnol won’t win epl

Shilling will slowly slip to 140.
Neymar will leave PSG.

Sasa tununue hizi dollare?

BBI and NMS will come back

My prediction for 2023

  1. Shiite Vs sunni wars

  2. The legality of king Charles to be challenged.

  3. Terrorist attacks in Kenya

  4. Beyonce RIP

  5. Protests around the country against the Kenyan gvt.

  6. Deadliest pandemic causing worst lockdown.

  7. Obama to publicly come out of the closet.

Recession. I’ll play my part by spending as little as I can. I will even walk if I have to. Pesa mfukoni

Arsenal we are not interested in winning the title, all we wanna do is win all our matches, then manjesta et al will decide whether to give us the title or not. In the meantime it’s one game at a time :D:D

Third world war Iko karibu. Countries are aligning Russia,Iran,Serbia,China,North Korea,Tunisia wako side moja against USA,EU,NATO,South Korea,Japan. Signs are aligning with previous world war. Just a small spark katembeee.
Pandemic, inflation, recession and drought.

In 2023, all AMGs will join the straight way aka PLANTESHEN and enjoy life like never before.
Assn’hole will not win EPL.
@uwesmake will graduare from teaboy to office messenger pale KWFT

-Meghan Markle will cheat on Prince Harry but the simp won’t separate from her.
-Arsenal will win the EPL .
-One of the Popes will die.
-Coronation of King George will be marred by protests after a major scandal involving the king is exposed.
-Ruto will be giving us promises on 31st December 2023.
-He will however sack two members of his cabinet.
-Joe Biden will be diagnosed with a terminal illness paving way for Kamala Harris to become the first female president of USA.
-Russia/Ukraine war will end with no clear winner.

  1. Sakaja atafanyiwa kama Sonko na Kidero juu ya hii issue ya kufungia wasee Bars
  2. Raila kutangaza msimamo na kuhangaisha JSKS vibaya sana
  3. CRIME-56% of kenya adults are unemployed. I pity all those who live in urban areas juu mtakula visu na kupigwa ngeta na comrades/high school dropouts na chokoraas
  4. Mvua Kwa wingi chakula Kwa wingi…amefanya!!!

Hii simu ya 5K ya Ruto ni hekaya
We will have sex like it’s going out of style
Watoto watazaliwo like panyas

This prediction has come to pass too soon.

Niaje Illuminati tuma kakitu nionje vile pesa ya AdSense hutaste.

hii pekee ndo ukweli

  1. Uhuru will go all the way to reach to Ruto.
  2. Will Smith will engage in another deadly simp act.
  3. China will shoot down at least one US jet fighter and claim it was an unintentional.
  4. Zelensky and his wife will run away from Ukraine.
  5. Museveni and Kagame will clash.
  6. Ruto will clash with either M7 or Kagame or both.
  7. Some very unpalatable truth about 2022 presidential election will surface.
  8. France will reckon with unprecedented mutiny from west Africa francophone countries
  9. Obama will be a frequent visitor to Kenya
  10. Mbappe will visit Kenya on invitation of CS Ababu.