2023 nimewachana na wamama referals have been good but its time to hang my boots

just realised that majority of the mature and older women i have been fucking are from my first who went around and spread the word to all her friends. This inturn became a cycle and some how i got to meet her friends during meetings, dates and even some went to the extent of calling me. 2023 i will no longer take part in this activity, hio mambo ya kuona kitambi na pussy nono hata hujui ni wapi unaingia nimewacha. Kuanzia kesho ni 22 years and below


Very nice resolutions. Hapo ni vitu tight bila vitambo, the best

Welcome home my friend… It’s not rocket science really.

:D:D:D@mkenya001 we una nikalia mkale

mimi sina kabila hata mashambani mimi huongea kiswahili, mimi ni mkosa mila kabisa