2022 Will See 20 Presidential Candidates, Every D!ck & Harry Wants To Vie

Western wako na Mudavadi, Kituyi, Coast wako na Joho, Rift Valley kuna RUTO, Gideon, Mt Kenya kuna Justin Muturi, Eastern kuna Kalonzo. Nyanza kuna RAO.

The chessboard is too crowded with too many pawns.

We shall only have 2 candidates, Ruto n raila, the rest are kept waiting as flower gals

A calculated step to split votes…
But who will be the benefiaciary…
And who has the loot to finance other candidates?

Among the 20, the ones with a realistic chance of clinching the presidency are the criminals that have done the most harm to .ke

Because you will wake up at 3am to go vote for a criminal

Hio ni kawaida we have always had the likes of mukaru n’ganga and chibule wa tsuma