2022 Presidential Elections Predictions: RAO will win with Max 54%

Now that we have a couple of weeks before voting, what are your predictions? My prediction for the presidential elections is that Raila will win by between 51 and 54% of the votes cast and that there will be no runoff. I am not voting, though! I am not going to choose between to useless fellows… Ruto will receive around 41% of the votes… If I was to advise WSR, I would have to see how to ensure a new perfect turnout in Central because this is what will make him lose even when he receives over 80% of the Central votes (poor turnout at around 70% max)…

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Ruto will win with 55% and Raila will score 43% and Wajakoya 1%. Let’s be here after the elections God willing. There is no way Mt Kenya and Rift together in one basket can ever lose an election. And so is this election.

Let us wait and review this then…

Suafeee for insight. Saa hii na compile playlist ya RAO akiwa presden.



Though not scientific… How can WSR beat Baba in Coast Region?

Mnataka muambiwe mara ngapi that the 5th president of Kenya is William Ruto? Ni maskio hamna ama ni akili haishiki?

Ruto: 54%
Raila: 45%

I understand you… But swap your statistics and pray that WSR does not get arrested on 10th!

That statistics is actually based on free election.

Tukiamua tuibe hizo kura, of which the lion of Sugoi can pull if he so wishes, atachukua na 66%.

Soon mtajua mnadeal na the lion of Sugoi and not just another confused candidate.

WSR akiikuwa president nahama Kenya.

Mark this post.

I agree with you… However, show me what effort he is making to make GEMA vote 99% as they used to during Kibaki and Uhuru times… Because, though he has almost all the votes there, the turnout will be the lowest ever…

Anza kujipanga kuhama

Ruto will win by 61%

Nobody will score more than 55%…None.

Yaani i am not mtaani and just the thought of his presidency and the entire kalejinga be freaking me out…itakuwa mazishi!!!

In such contests I will always bet on the state. For that reason I think Rarua will take it. But Kenya has never been here before. The circumstances are unique. The cynic in me is prepared for a surprise, if it should happen. Whatever the result, I hope Kenyans will accept it without regressing to jungle software.

The biggest complication here is the Kamwana and Gidi factor… That has lowered some votes that Baba could have received genuinely… But then that is where the deep stet comes in…

GEMA turnout will be high as usual because they are not only voting for president but also other positions. So we can say the voters will be galvanised by the other positions but not president.

Deep stet is a mirage and a bogey man created by Baba to convince his supporters after loss. Don’t you see how much he is struggling to get smthing to stick to Chebukati? Hata DCI has been mobilised in his favour lakini wueh!!