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Although I don’t consider myself to be religious in any way, I’ve read(most of the books) the bible. There may be instances where one wouldn’t agree with the writer(s) on some issues, but I believe that there is something to gain from it, especially on aspects of daily life(moral compass).
Kenyans have read and would defend the bible to the comma, even though I find it absurd in the extremities, I took my time to read and got something.
People would gladly dismiss works based on the question of “how does it help me now” instead of reading on “how this knowledge will help me going forward”.
Recently, I finished reading The Darker Nations by Vijay Prashad. In my opinion, I got to learn really invaluable knowledge on the history of the Third World. This is not to say that there are particular parts I found not to my liking. But that’s how it is.

People who have read the 48 laws of power ought to have gained something, at least one thing. Not all people would be wise to know these laws by heart.
And no, dismissing it as not helpful to your current situation is stupid-You are the master of your situations. Unless you are struck by lightning and die, then you are the driver, don’t expect a book to change your life. These are just pointers to what may be/not be admirable to one ways of living.
So read on, gain knowledge, appreciate, criticize and choose how best this knowledge will help you in understanding and driving your life.

Relevance is a varying word when referring to books.
Some may find Sun Tzu’s works to be relevant but James Allen’s As A Man Thinketh to be irrelevant as some may find the bible to be irrelevant but the Napoleonic Code to be relevant.
The rule however, is to read on them first. There is always something to be gained and if not, criticize constructively and move on. Dismissing books with no concrete basis for doing so is not consructive criticism.

Brilliant !!! I totally agree with you… The issue I have with this book is that ppl quote this book as if it’s the gospel truth not realizing that the book is so amorphous it’s designed to fit any leadership quargmire. Given that many bipedal mammals (read human beings) are so lazy to cross reference what they read they do not realise that this book provides very contrasting solutions to similar circumstances that are at the end if the day both right… :smiley: Fwak!!! Actually no…I take that back; Double Fwak!!!

Totally True… Brilliant!