2022 election itakua fire check this


What am I looking at?

Rule number 1 in 48 laws of power never outshine your boss…
He is bidding his time on the last 6 months to election it will be all systems go…

That Book is a scam

Hii Kitabu Ni Uongo Mtupu…
Does the author think that by placing incongruent ideas (circled) “far” from each other we shall not detect his folly… Hii jama Ni Nyang’au wa mwisho cheki hapa chini
He should have called this book “The art of double speak and taking credit based on outcomes that favor me”… Anaglia hizo circles
Need I say More …
Robert Green’s thesis should be called out for what it is … A heap of meffi …Azandeni

Check what cunt

It would be much easier to write your book and let us read it … hio ni ya mtu mwengine and we like it

It is the new bible for the lost, if you hold this book dearly you need to re-evaluate yourself. But it is a book worth reading

The rules are always controversial. It’s only applied to the situations that suits you

I’ll talk to you about how nobody wants their intelligence insulted(from the book), but it seems you haven’t learnt much from it(if you’ve read/reread it)
But on the other hand, write your own “thesis”, post just a paragraph of your best work that’s “not as meffi as Greene’s”

The people calling out Robert’s 48 Laws of Power haven’t got the main point from the book.

Ah yes, if you disagree with me you just don’t “Get it”. Oldest trick in the book.

Hehe that book is like the Bible to Kenyans, you’ve pissed a lot of people off by saying that. Anyway I wouldn’t say its a scam but its definitely overrated. If you have read The Prince or the Art of War then you have read the 48 Laws of Power. All Greene does is mix Machiavellian ideals with a bit of historical anecdotes, famous philosopher’s quotes and a few folk tales to make the advice in the book seem more authentic or ‘new’ under the sun. It’s worth noting that Machiavelli didn’t achieve much success in his life aside from advising royals. In fact in his sunset years he downgraded to a nobody in Florentine society, and Sun Tzu wrote treatises for military commanders. Generals, not footsoldiers.

In other words this information is largely useless to the ordinary man with no real claim to or measure of power. I wonder how creating a cult-like need for people to believe in you will benefit someone chasing tenders at City Hall. Stuff like not outshining your master is just common sense, if you have to read it in a book to know that its wrong to do so then all the advice in the world won’t help you. Even then in the real world moreso in Kenya attaining and maintaining power is not so much about intellect or ability as it is about understanding how the system works and how best to exploit it. We have plenty of brilliant intellectuals with PhDs working dead-end jobs in government offices and even private institutions while functionally illiterate (but very shrewd) thugs become multimillionaires, senior politicians/civil servants and industrial titans overnight.

:D:D:D vitu zingine just need common sense, I have seen guys try to force through those principles in life - kwaza this never outshine your master ni slavery tu in disguise

Agreeing and disagreeing are the only reaction to literary works
Robert had gone to depths explaining how humans basically work, that has to be acknowledged and appreciated. Especially on the topics of money and power.
If that seemed like bull to you, I’ll advise you to write your book that’ll earn even one star concerning the same.
Criticizing works is Ok and healthy, but there must be specific parts where you don’t agree-I think calling out a whole book to be stupid.
Like the talker above, there was no criticism of the work that can be said to be rational, he just calls out the book to be a scam and the writer to be a conman(argreed but on a different angle)
That’s not criticism, that’s stupidity(forgive my harsh wording)

If you “saw” people enforcing them then they didn’t implement it wisely.

its a case of waiting for an outcome to declare the relevance of the book, and you are right one needs wisdom not some laws of power.

:smiley: … It’s nothing personal. I just analysed the book as the scientist I am …

:smiley: wah…!

Brilliant !!!