2022 Election Is OVER Already. Isha Amuliwa 09/08/2022 Ni Formality Tu For The Sheep

Sungoi licking his wounds on the 10th.


Sugoi man must have done something wrong to the deep. The rate at which they are kwedoring him!

What is this?

Agwambo funza hii jama

No, no.
This gives a very wrong idea and people won’t turn up to vote. We don’t want any form of violence should people fail to turn up for their preferred candidate.
If you want your candidate to win, wake up early in the morning. If you can mobilize - the better - do so the day before. If we want change, we must vote.
All of us, let’s go out and vote on 9th.

The conversation changed sometime back it’s not about elections no more but surviving