2022 Ammo?

Is the NHIF a WSR tool for reelection ama I am way in allover my head
I mean the timing, the free maternal care switch in process? I find it hard not to join the dots

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@jaymoh I know you were not in KE during the campaigns, but for those of us who saw WSR in person on the campaign trail know that he can hold his own. I keep telling my friends, WSR will be the 5th president, with or without Greeks support.


As much as they wanna talk shit anyone knows the kikuyu vote is controlled by women…They are the one with the keys…So as I said as long as WSR keeps them happy…Hii vote ya wasap ni yake …Plus the other logistics of kuyks vs kales is one no one the rift want…He has these two issues backing him…Also the nigga can decide not to run in 2022 so much can happen between the years…So also this ni tabia ya wase wa kufanto kwa base ya kuuza meat wrappers…Leave this bs in 2017

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What is the hope here? That WSR drops Kikuyus and picks Luos? Yaani you’ve already given up on getting to the Hill on your own? Have you informed your tin god?


And who is that honorable??

Attention seeker simjui huyo

In 2018 we talk progressive politics. Retard questions from equally retard people will not carry weight.

If free public universal healthcare for the masses is wrong then let those who oppose show up daily to pay healthcare bills for the people from their pocket.

DP Uncle Ruto doesn’t need anyone’s votes, he has already earned it. I will enjoy watching people wishing some dead weight to challenge him in 2022. Opposition never learn and that remains Jubilee greatest asset. They didn’t learn from 2007, 2013 & 2017. 2022 is 15 years and politics has shifted to the villages where people are demanding service and development for votes not entitlement for candidates in Nairobi.

DP Uncle Ruto has been hosting people across the country at his Sugoi home silently this December. He is not looking for favours, he is ready. He mentioned that President Uhuru has had several spoilers in every elections. PK, martha etc. They got less than 0.1% each. So anyone at RV are very free join the race and meet the reality of a Presidential contest. The more the merrier.

Personally its too late, Jubilee base is too strong and its going to penetrate further. Kalenjins unite around the strong not the weak. While DP Uncle Ruto keeps courting the leaders and masses across country, his supposedly rivals are merrying alone. In 2022 they think support will go look for them and give them a golden ticket to the Presidency.


I knew what was on the way⬆

Read the comments and laugh at this Gideon serf…


:D:D i understand your dilemma with all the good projects jubilee is undertaking you will have no choice but to vote for the DP in 2022

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Meffi itulizwe kidogo. Before 2022 you’ve got several new years’ celebrations to enjoy. This one and another and…before politics.

Never heard of this before, new twist in the plot.

Boss you think its men who vote in the kikuyu community more than women…enda chama za wanawake uone how much of a unit they are…even politicians know that you even control the youth with women… they are the most active reliable soldiers…ask the kuyks here and will tell you how they move as a block…wanuame we feel like each one got the brains to sort the best choice…women work as a group even in the states it was revealed in the latest election black women voted the men nope…its weird phenomena politicians abuse the fuck out of…plus the males in kuyk community are the most unreliable in any community believe that…wako kila mahali when comes to presidential views[ATTACH=full]148062[/ATTACH] but women they move as a block look at nasa at the support from kuyk women iko wapi…nada…complete nothing their


Fuuckin hell…2022 is so far away. Watu wajenge taifa tuendelee mbele. Truth is WSR ndiye president mpende msipende in 2022. We have had enough of fossils and tribal agendas 24/7.

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Greeks will fail to support wsr at their own peril, and that man is ruthless, its no coincidence that as of now centro is a headless chicken after uhunye

Seems like a Greeks problem then