2021 Styrian Grand Prix Live!

Round 8/23 of this exciting world championship takes us to the backyard of Arnold Schwarzenegger at the iconic Red Bull Ring home of Redbull Racing in the Austrian mountains. This is a track that Mercedes have taken pole and victory in the past but still, Max Verstappen has had his happy moments. Bottas has a 3-place grid penalty which means that Mercedes is starting on the backfoot as we head into qualifying.
@Atotih @thegoose [USER=52882]@Gamal Sankara who is taking pole this weekend? Hamilton looks pretty strong BTW but as always I am team Verstappen. This is the season that we stop Mercedes Turbo Hybrid era dominance.

:D:D Max will take pole and win come sunday, I don’t see any other outcome.

I highly doubt it. Mercedes are sandbagging as usual. Naona bado u are still shafting mzee bottas, when will he catch a break? I was rooting for him for the win before u made him spin yesterday.

Tuko naivasha

Bakini huko

Leteni link tuone quali



Hii wikendi ni moto fans we wanna see whether Lewis will close the gap and catch up to MAX. meanwhile bottas is the unluckiest guy ive seen in the history of the sport; how do you spin kwa pit lane :slight_smile:

The man is as unlucky as @kush yule mnono hehehe

Verstappen is flying bwanA!

1 minute and 3 secs? this is sick! i see him getting back to back poles

Hamilton just fcuked up his last lap. Pressure is getting to him.

He is on form. I expect him to run away with it tomorrow.

He is lucky Bottas is getting a 3-grid penalty

Hii pressure inakimbiza Lewis began in Baku. Remember this pic? He claimed that checo was pushing him to the wall and he mistakenly pressed a ‘magic’ button at the back of his steering wheel that locked his breaks so he couldn’t make the turn.


Lewis is now past his prime. I dont think he can sustain a season long battle with a young gun like Max who has such lightenng-quick reflexes. If verstappen does not make mistakes tomorrow i expect him to open a 20-gap point in the championship. After that it will become a mountain to clawback.

sijui kaa ulicheki hii video of him on a playstation/simulator on the same track before the FP1. leo amevunja hiyo record


He is obviously slower on simulator than on track. A driver of the calibre of Max relies so much on how the car ‘feels’ to go faster and extract as much juice as possible from the lap time.

if Mercedes loose the constructors this season, toto atamwekelea lawama kama kawaida; this season he’s been the scapegoat from the get-go. Bytheway that sole reason can make toto sign Russel faster than lightning for next season

There is no way Bottas will drive a Mercedes in 2022, especially now that Hamilton is slowly loosing his edge. Russel will be there to take after Lewis as the no.1 driver in 2023. Lets see if he can score points for the first time tommorrow in a Williams.