2020 Savings

Whats your advice on opening a KCB curb account for my kid or investing the money in Money market?

You are already late. Should have opened in 2015. You need no advice on such…

you can save for your kid in your own accounts. jua ile amount utahitaji kumpea ama kumsomesha nayo after 18 years, unataka kuachieve io amount by wen? ile advice naweza kukupea ni eti ubuy kaploti na ujenge tu units 15 na pesa iende kwa account bila kushikwa next 15 years. mambo za money market wacha, kenya ni 3rd world country

Mimi ni peasant bwana,cant get money ya plot,just need a better option ya kurusha kitu kama 3k per month

@It’s Le Scumbag ,you are truly scam,what was relevant in 2015 can still be relevant,just hold other factors constant and avice.2015 nilikua kijana mdogo

Basically I was implying that you should already have started. Didn’t mean to injure your young age ghosts

I get you quadragenarian ,so which one should i go for between the two?

Wachana na money market kijana

Sasawa,nashukuru,i will do so

Saving is for the poor…use that money to create more money…however little it is

@Propose where i can put 2k per month and create more money

out of curiosity why would you want to save money for your kid(s)

you need advice on how to create extra 5k monthly, io ndo inafaa kuwa short to medium term goal yako.

Halafu wacha nikwambie ukweli. Kama unasave 2k monthly, never ask advice from people saving 100k monthly, it will not be relevant to your situation. if you save 2k monthly, get advice on how to create extra 3k monthly, kidogo kidogo with time utafika mbali