2020 resolutions

Do these for 30 days and you’ll be unrecognizable
• Sleep 8+ hrs
• Drink 2+ liters of water daily
• Get sun daily
• less sugar
• Read 1 hour+ a day
• Work out 3x per week
• Eat fruits + veggies daily
• Meditate for 10+ min a day This is my #NewYearChallenge We move! :v:

. Uwache kujam


99.999999% of resolutions made in the new year are broken/not achieved. You will wake up the same individual you were in 2019. The best resolutions are made any random day when you finally make up your mind about something. Hii ingine ni upuss tu. If you couldn’t make the resolutions on November 24, you will fail miserably. Good luck anyway.

@Azor Ahai new year resolution yako ni dont forget to take ARV

ARV za nini…ama uliniambukiza virusi?? By the way unakuwanga umejaza shonde :meffi::meffi::meffi: kwa kichwa

Why unrecognizable?

Mr. Know-it-all here you go again! Are you him? Why dismiss his projections? Ni yeye ameandika si wewe.

Punguza umama

Jinga ni wewe na nyanya yako mkisii mshenzi

Why dismiss his ramblings?


For this coming new year I am not wishing anybody anything:

  • If you want health, see the Doctor, eat well, work out;
  • If you want money, do business go to work and concentrate on income generating activities;
  • If you want a lover, be honest and sincere in your relationships;
  • If you want success, make money, work hard, be patient and perseverant;
  • If you want happiness, make your neighbours happy;
  • If you want salvation, trust God and do his will
    Let each and everyone be responsible in 2020

Nyaboke anaingia aje kwa hii chat?
Kijana ukichengwa tulia

posture changes, skin tone changes, you become a better conversationalist, mood stabilises etc.

unakuwa Eckhart tolle part 2

For the sake of being practical in these resolutions here are my thoughts:
Drinking two ltrs of water is like drowning yourself, unless you do not take other fluids like tea, juice etc
Getting some sunlight is good but only healthy if you do it from 7am to 9am, the time you will be going to work and starting your day. The rest of the sunlight during the day is actually harmful.
working out 3 times a week is tiresome but again it depends on the duration of each exercise
Meditating for 10 min is not enough, it is recommended 30min

Resolutions are best made when you fuck up. Crash your car trying to race, dinya malaya ukiwa mlevi etc etc. Hizi resolutions za new year are useless.

That amount of water is recommended but you pee like crazy. Every 30 min.
Gym 3 times a week is possible. I do it working more that 60hrs a week. But I hate it. Especially cardio. You just need to be committed. I see people do 5-7 times a week :oops:.

In essence what difference does the random day or the new year’s day? Why can’t they be the same day and produce desired results?

Sleeping 8+ hrs is also inviting poverty.

Jua will make your skin tone darker, no lie.

Urgh critics everywhere