2020 Challenge

This is a Year 2020 Challenge to all the Loud Mouthed , Limp Dicked , Juvenile , Psychotic , Insecure , Effeminate , Opinionated , Broke Ass , Fanatical , Wimpy ( …did I forget Gay …?? ) Apologies that call themselves Men in here …

Before the Year is over , go and try one of these wonderful Ladies and see how your life will change for the better …

REXXSIMBA wishes You all an Erotic and satisfying Year ahead …


Rex, nunua mattress hii mwaka uwache kuharibu macho na hizi cellulite land whales hapa munene.

A Mattress is not the issue here …

I wonder which of the aforementioned categories you fall under …???
Mmm …





Category ya mecho Safi, si chafu






@rexxsimba is bedding a big ass woman the challenge or is it getting it on whenever you want?

Boss …
Once you go Big , You don’t go Back …


And the second part of the question?

And a third part: Do you feel that those who do not enjoy big ass are not men?

They just have no idea of the immense Joy that they are missing …


swadakta @rexxsimba … ukipata more showcasing the sweet CAMELTOE dont hesitate,

Anything for you , Bro … :smiley:
But as usual , the limiting factor is Admin …

Happy new year @rexxsimba

Fat hoes are only do anal for me. For normal mnyanduano heri madem wengine.


Huyo analamba loli na manyonyo bwaku anajiitanga who ?

Watu wakubali kupaka makende shonde. Gospel according to @rexxsimba .

I equate them to vegans a.k.a bad hunters,in this case ferkin whinners. They cant stop complaining

If you do not like big ass women you are a whiner? Seriously?

Its the internet son,if you dont like anything,move along,commenting negative crap is going against the grain…and yeah,seriously, I call it whinning

And a Happy New Year to You …