2019 was a pregnancy year, most ladies walipatikana

There is this chille nilitaka aoshe buduki leo, so jana when we talked akaniambia she didn’t survive 2019 and she is now 5 months pregnant.

Immediately I called another one she told aty ako under medication, she had been admitted to kijambe hospital for like a whole month. I got curious why she never called she dint inform me to visit her, so i asked whats was the issue akasema she had a growth kwa tumbo and she went under knife ndo itolewe…(mimi sio daktari so sijui if its true ama uongo, bt i feel nikama alipata mimba place mbaya ama alitry kuosha ikaleta shida.)[ATTACH=full]287163[/ATTACH]

There was alot of fake Morning pills na zingine za herbal, google daily nation exposed afew


Beta male problems ita mwenye alikuitisha 1k :D:D

True, hizo fake morning pills imeletea maboyz wangu wawili shida, they are premature fathers as we speak

Wanaume wanacomplainia morning pills while an wondering how you fucked without CD? Ongoja uanze kukohoa uone kama morning pills itakuokoa

kihey , ushapata mimba vile ulitombwa?

Am sorry, I do not partake in social levels that you and your husband @Motokubwa take so much liking in

Apart from pregnancies, women bodies are very complex but men dont seem to appreciate what women go through. There are other issues that require surgery other than abortions kama fibroids etc.

Hehehe nefa,hio nikama kuweka bet ndo upate ya brown bottle



Sawa doc, sikua najua mimi

huyo ni kunguru sana … ati amesema most me refused to pull out !

You shag raw then act surprised when she gets paged, tf… ulikuwa unangonja atoe pizza ama?

Strap up ama wachana nayo

morning pill ikifeli kuna flushing pills within 60days of shagging… hakuna kubahatisha na uzazi buda…

Yaani that chic has accepted she is a kunguru, eti most men failed to pull out

Awuohlan shatter…