2018 Nissan Patrol V8 vs 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser V8

These are my 2 Dream Cars (Wet Dreams) They are beasts, true beasts.

If sheer size was an aesthetic, these SUVs would have loads of it. Both of them are massive and have an unmissable presence on the roads.
The Land Cruiser’s dimensions, from 4950(L) X 1978(W) X 1890(H) to 5115(L) X 1980(W) X 1905(H) mean that most people will be scampering to get out of your way. The Nissan Patrol, however, at
5165(L) X 1995(W) X 1940(H), actually ends up a little bigger. The Toyota is decidedly more utilitarian and keeps its conservative looks. Compared to the Patrol, it goes for a more rugged appearance.
The Patrol takes a more luxurious and modern approach to styling. There are tasteful splashes of chrome and LED lights along with a more curvy European design aesthetic that just seems more refined.

One day my Nissan March (low profile tires na trim level 0.01)will grow up into a Nissan patrol :smiley:

haha kadudu itagrow tu

The nissan patrol is the most underrated suv on kenyan roads. tangu nione ya sonko upclose been looking forward to drive one. have driven the ZX


patrol is the biznyasssss. LC200 cant touch this kwanza in Nismo spec 428bhp


J200 is the best… Alafu g wagon, Prado na little jimny .

These big cars are mostly the preserve of overweight and short people. The former feel embarrassed driving smaller cars while the latter attempts to compensate for their shortcomings.

African bonobos rarely purchase vehicles for their utility and function. its sad and borderline pitiful to see people giving their drivers 4700cc powered vehicles to drop kids to school/go to supermarkets and pubs after which the 4wd is constantly polished and cleaned with a toothbrush and parked under a shade which they view as the ultimate achievement for a middo class kenyan.
This is where I must give it to the Indians and white people in our country because ul find them driving small cc rated city cars while working on a day to day and many a time driving commuter vans to shuttle them around and on weekends the big cc vehicles are properly utilized offroad, camping and given the full bush rover experience.
Kisha wapata a peasant pozer on hire purchase with a LC200 disrespecting everyone on the roads at lighthouse telling people toa hii takataka yako kwa barabara and u wonder who really is the fool???

Peasant have you taken time to think that some are used offroad where saloons and xtrails cannot drive.

Hawa driver wa range na VX-V8 wenye wanashinda waki-dodge portholes ati ndio gari isiharibu @shocks ndio unaniambia hupeleka gari off-road?

Spot on.

Ukiwai ona a vehicle on kenyan roads inakaa hivi jaribu kuchungulia ndani uone kama dereva si mzungu. Nyeuthi hawezi fumilia kepeleka gari off-road for fun.


Ukinunua yako akuna mtu amekukataza upeleke mahali unataka. Otherwise hii kelele ni poor people’s proverbs

True. Nowadays people are driving heavy pickups in towns, gari za watu wa tullow oil na zakhem na Amu power. Hakuna haja mtu aendeshe gari over 3500 cc town. Wachia watu wa kujenga barabara uko mashinani

Still doing 0 to 100kph in approx 18 minutes

They are good SUVs but I dont like either. For me the new defender would make a better choice

new dfender to me is a no old one with new tech features would have been great come back

hii ndume iko sawa 2sana, bei ndio wamekosea sana and the electronics nyingi. Knowing land rovers reliability issues and faulty height suspension,failing electronics its just a matter of time before its ugly side rears its head. wangweka kama jeep less electronics na bei iwe sawa wangekamua market sana. mini tried the same and the beetle and their undoing was the electronics which have rendered them unreliable and no longer a retro favorite.

Yea. Suzuki Jimny 2019 style.