2018 FIFA World Cup Draw: Official Thread

In just under 1 hour’s time (6pm EAT/ Moscow time), the draw for the 2018 FIFA World Cup will take place at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia. It will determine the group in which each of the 32 qualified national teams will play in at the start of the tournament. The teams will be divided into four pots of eight, with one team selected from each pot to form a group.

Unlike previous editions of the World Cup, all pots will be determined by each national team’s October 2017 FIFA World Ranking, with Pot 1 containing the highest-ranked teams, Pot 2 containing the next highest-ranked teams, and so on; in previous editions only one pot containing the highest-ranked teams was determined by rank, with the other three pots determined by continental confederation. The hosts will continue to be placed in Pot 1 and treated as a seeded team, therefore, Pot 1 will consist of hosts Russia and the seven highest-ranked teams that qualify for the tournament.

The draw sequence will start with pot 1 and end with pot 4.

As with previous editions, no group may have more than one team from any continental confederation with the exception of UEFA, which must have at least one, but no more than two in a group.


COURTESY: [SIZE=16px] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_FIFA_World_Cup_seeding [/SIZE]


Hoping our Niggaz Nigeria and Senegal get favourable groups and manage to go far.

Can’t wait to see what the Group of Death will be. Hope it’s lethal.

Hoping my hero Messi (the undeniable G.O.A.T.) finally tastes the one trophy that’s glaringly and unfairly missing from his cabinet. Last time was harrowingly close… :(:(:frowning:




Africa needs a minimum of seven slots at the world cup short of which tunakua dry fried


Sisi tuko na Die Mannschaft .

Team A: Nuer, Hector, Hummels, Boateng, Kimmich, Kroos, Khedira, Reus, Ozil, Muller, Werner

Team B: Terstgen, Plattenhardt, Mustafi, Sule, Henrichs, Rudy, Gundogan, Draxler, Gotze, Sane, Gomez

France tu ndio tishio


tuko nyuma Le bleus na three lions kama kawa

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Atleast Kwese wanaokolea peasant kama mimi. But Africa tunakuwanga tumefinyiliwa, 53 countries fighting for 4 slots

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May the Germans face Saudi Arabia.


@Okiya FYI, Group F has neva effa produced a World Cup winner!!

Miroslav Klose almost won the Golden Boot in 2002 purely off the Saudi Arabia game. All headers…


Here’s an updated one…


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Full draw



Group G. Team kama Panama wali qualify aje?

Very strange bromance between ARG & NIG. Of the six times Nigeria have been at the WC, they’ve been drawn with Argentina five of those times. 1998 the only exception.

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Sofascore has a thing that allows you to pick group winners, then quarters, semi’s and finals.


TeamNOCrik unfortunately it cant be pasted. Try it.


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Walipiga US of Trump 4-0


Then the Cameroon golden generation could only beat Saudi Arabia 1-0. Meffi kabisa


Is there really a Group of Death? I really can’t see one.

Kuna wale wanasema D, followed by F…

Actually what I can see is a Group of Life… For the hosts :D:D:D

Here’s the Group of Death that never was: Italy/Chile/USA/Netherlands:D :D:D


Nimecrick. Final ni Brazil vs Germany

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I cant see any group of death…Italy na Netherlands and Ivory coast ndio huleta hizo groups

There is a group where I see Hazard and De Bruyne totally destroying English pretenders…from now on watch how so called pundits embark on a campaign to destroy the likes of De Bruyne and Hazard