2018 - 32 days of series and 1 day of movies. No wonder I got nothing done.


:D:D Unajua ungekatia Rihanna for 30 days straight angeingia box

you cannot lose focus if you have no goals set…([SIZE=1]motivational shit Inc[/SIZE])

Actually it is more, it stopped tracking on May 2018. Acha niiauthorize tena ndop inipee full stats. I wactch series daily and all weekends so I expect kitu 3 months. [ATTACH=full]217721[/ATTACH]

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D jinga sana

Woi ngai fafa.
When do you do other things like socialise, cleanup, read, exercise, pray to TMH, hanya?


This just TV shows… No YT…streams n podcasts and movies

Just about 2 months of watching movies. Not bad. Poor productivity though.

Thats just about a month. Movies can be educative and can help you sharpen your language skills better than reading. Works for me

on the contrary - documentaries yes. the other kind, the cheap entertainment kind, actually kill your brain. they play with your emotions and leave you feeling empty and craving for the next fix; hence your looking forward to the next episode
On language, movies help your spoken language but do nothing for your spelling. In fact, reading books is the only way to writing good language and grammar. in my work i meet a lot of young people who speak excellent english but cannot write a correct sentence.

My line of duty spoken is key

Investigative series, combat, sio soap operas and love shit

Very well then…but sooner or later one is called upon to submit a report, memo, proposal and so on that can badly expose you and leave you looking like a fake…poor language has a bad way of misrepresenting one where good impressions are essential.