2016 is just around the corner, all eyes on 2017.

Thanks to the ICC Uhuruto will survive till 2017. Another though very unlikely scenario is the power struggles between TNA and URP become too much and Ruto breaks camp, Uhuru will most likely pick another Kalenjin as a running mate to retain the Rift Valley votting block… Kijana ya Mzee Moi will be most suitable.

On the other hand, Cord are in a dilemma. It will be difficult to convince Raila to give a chance to either Wetangula or Kalozo. He has had his chances and frankly he can’t beat the Uhuruto team. If they asked me, Kalonzo should be the flag bearer with Wetangula the running mate. That way, they will sure retain and consolidate the Kamba, Luhya and Luo voting blocks. With the above scenarios, the battle will be for the larger Coastal vote and race will be tight. Whatever happens, it is about consolidating your voting blocks.

We hope and pray to see much much more mature political debates other than the shouting matches we have witnessed in the best.

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Succession politics around the corner. Who will succeed Baba as the pointman in Luo Nyanza and who will succeed Kamwana as the Pointman in Kikuyuland? 2022 will be very interesting. Another thing, if Kiuks fail to vote for Ruto in 2022 I suspect blood will be shed (God Forbid).

Ngoja voter registration ifanyike kwanza. Remember the Kale nation was largely not considered until after voter registration and every politician realized these guys turned up in large numbers to register. I think they registered more voters than the Luhya which was is the second largest ethnic community. Baba realized this when it was too late and launched a drive to register people in his strongholds but it was too late. He even sought an extension of the voter registration period but PNU had already seen where the chips will fall and declined to extend registration.

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ugali thinking


Voter registration is still the secret(Not so secret though) weapon for Jubilee.

Mbona waluhya wanakataa kuregister?

If Raila exits the scene, this will never be the weapon any more. The most uniting factor in jubilee voting bloc, especially GEMA, is their passionate hatred for Raila. Raila akitoka gemaland itakuwa kama luhyaland, or worse. Maybe this is what will steer people towards issue based politics, maybe.


wanaregister, ubaya ni disunity

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Luhyas are just like any other Kenyan, they waited for the last minute. I believe Ruto and Mudavadi had similar game plans, to mimick Kalonzo’s king maker role of 2007. However, Ruto implemented this plan much earlier and had a strong grass roots movement that was geared at voter registration. Mudavadi alilalia masikio. Remember opinion polls had indicated nobody will ganner 50% + 1 votes in the run up to the elections. King makers stood to gain alot in case of such a stalemate.


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Raila’s time has passed. Same as Kalonzo and Weta is a non-starter.

And [SIZE=5]who[/SIZE] garnered 50% + 1 votes? Kwenda danganya toto jinga, ni vile tu baba hakuwa anataka bloodshed this time round…

when are you becoming a jubilee member? :slight_smile:

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How much are you offering so I defect?

shida ya cord supporters ni kutafuta scapegoat wakishindwa. si wangejaribu kutoa vita waone

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The fact remains that we have poor politics that are aimed to bring division and " mtu wetu Syndrome". These politicians have brainwashed almost everyone to believe that if they are elected we will have a better country yet in their current and previous positions they didn’t do anything worth mentioning yet they believe a miracle will happen when they get where they are. That is why they have succeeded in their agenda to separate us through tribes where people think their tribe is the best, just call it “Israel of Kenya” and others think that they are more patriotic than other tribes and such things. One thing i liked about TZ politics is that you cannot hear issues of tribalism anywhere, they deal with individuals not tribes like in Kenya. We Kenyans should come to a conclusion that, “From our tribes we take nothing, we are makers of our own future.”

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whether or not anyone trully gannered 50% + 1 in the election is a none issue hapa. The issue was that the two folks (Mudavadi and Ruto) made their calculation based on nobody garnering that and it came to favor William Ruto. Comprende?? Kelele za sijui baba alishinda/hakushinda ama uhuru hakushinda/alishinda zitaendelea hadi 2017