2016 Music scene

What are your top 3 songs for the year?

  1. Starboy - The Weekend x Daft Punk
  2. Black Beatles - Rae Srremurd x Gucci Mane
  3. One Dance - drake x Wizkid

These are your top music songs of 2016? You have the worst music taste ukweli usemwe


Rhumba wakati wowote.

Cheza chini:D

Are u 15…cuz u n my niece have the same taste n she is in boarding school ya ocha …there is an l.o.x lp that just dropped sija weka kwa playlist(saving for the 420 sesh). You know what to a wax kwa maskio na hii
This to teach about music

Iko sawa hii One Dance ndo haileti shangwe, otherwise me Starboy ni automatically No. 1, followed by Closer by Chainsmokers then Icarus by R3Hab

Yesu nipe nyonyo…SBJ.

‘Filthy America… It’s Beautiful’ hio naingoja design haijuani