2016-Mundu Kuhangaika

That was a year and half, na ilianza tu vizuri with my son posting very good marks he was admitted to one of the best National schools.

From around May things started going bad, my relationship with my boss became very bad I had to resign in June. I actually went on leave and while on leave I wrote them a mail resigning. I stayed at home for four months, early October I landed a kasmall job, not very good terms but since I was at home I decided to take it. Two days into my new job I was admitted at Guru Nanak and underwent an operation. I was forced to stay away for three weeks to recover. Apparently they had been looking for a person in that position for long so they gave me time to recover and go back. I reported back in the first week of November, three days after reporting back, I got a new job offer with better terms. I talked to my boss to see if they can match the new terms, they couldn’t so I resigned again. All along me and my bae were arranging for our wedding. On 19th November 2016 at the Christ the King Catholic Church, we officially married.

Kwa hayo machache, leo nakunywa Gilbeys mzinga. Sitaki kujua ni itafanyika.

I want to close the year like a boss.


izzah shikwekwe, hope the new year brings u n ur family joy n success

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Unafungia wapi mwaka Shikwekwe.


Just leaving the office Naelekea Thika Road.

Sawa omwami. Blessed 2017.

Swali moja tu, hii ni ile operation ya one testis. .I remember sometime back you mentioned something to that effect. …kuuliza tu :smiley:


So you are saying that if I go to Christ the King Catholic Church, introduce myself to the Father as a State Counsel attached to the Nairobi Marriage Registry at Sheria House, ask to verify something in counterfoil of the Marriage Certificate Book and peruse the certificate issued on Saturday, 19th November, 2016, I’ll know not only your name but that of bae?


Yes, or I can just tell you my names.


It was a hernia operation which had affected the right testicle but it was not removed.

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No. [SIZE=1]Father Alphonso may give me an Ozil to MOTHER SUPERIOR.

[SIZE=5]I’ll take my chances.[/SIZE][/SIZE]


May God bless you, your new job and your marriage. Tumsifu Yesu Kristu.


Milele na milele AMEN.


Good happy you are fine. …enjoy new year blessings

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I recommend maxland. Kuna space, good wifi, dancing floor na wasichana

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Mundu muchawi ungepeana bahasha tukuwekee kakitu ya harusi.I repect nigaz who put a ring on it

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waliacha kucheza mugithi kwa wingi, na hao wasichana bado wanafanya kazi mwea?


goes to show the transient nature of our most difficult times. a happy and prosperous 2017 …


I salute you @Mundu. Fanaka na heri njema za 2017 kwako Na familia yako

mugithi ni huko juu hapa chini ni ngoma za kuotea mbali

@Mundu =/= @Mundu Mulosi