2014 Subaru Forester ( Sj5) Vs. 2014 Mazda CX5 Petrol ( non turbo )

Elders, i am split between these two vehicles. I am in the market for a reliable mini-SUV with a decent clearance and My budget is ( KES 1.7 to 2.1 M ) and have narrowed my options to these two.

Which one of them should i cop over the other? and why?

Any reliability concerns that i should be aware of?


HONDA CRV best bang for your bucks. This car has proven its self over time. Less headache

I find the honda too big ( less compact ) and the interior is a bit bland for my liking. So where does it excel? Reliability?

I saw some guys on Twitter complain about the high maintenance costs of that fozzy. Not sure if they are the peasant types but it’s something worth looking at.

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Yeah, also heard something to do with the frail gearbox. Still doing my research on the ground from my mechanics

i love Forestor but my money will go to Honda


A friend’s Forestor backfired in Timboroa forest. It was the belt issue. damages 80k. Since then i have been unsure with Fozzy

Forester is a better engineered car.

this new forester ama ile generation ingine?

Tafuta outback ya 2013 io ndio mwisho wa maneno and if the budget allows chukua 2015.

Seconded. Abit on the thirsty side but that thing is as reliable as you’ll ever see.

And well. No one even fronting for the CX5?

Im fronting for cx5, but the diesel.

Gari amesema ni mbili
Chukua forester

That year’s production has so many issues. Usijaribu.

2013 or 2015? A pal has had the 2013 model for 2yrs and that thing is simply next level no major issues whatsoever.


hio iko na gasket problems

outback ni 3500cc mkubwa!

Nope, 2500