2012 Crown Athlete vs 2005 benz



Observation based on an argument I had at my local bar.

Both of these cars retail for ksh 1,200,000 locally but one considered is a ‘premium’ brand while the other is just another ‘toyarrra’.

The mercedes is almost 20 years old and a known fuel guzzler with failing parts and the crown is barely used and all the luxury features are still working.

The average Kenyan will still claim that the Mercedes is a better purchase.

You will be surprised about how even educated people are ignorant about cars and even technology in general.

Kuna dame fulani yeye ni camera woman for a leading media house. We were discussing camera tech and I was quite shocked hajui techicalities like color rendition, dynamic range, arpeture, shutter speed, ISO, depth of field etc.

In fact, my friend who is a banker was the one showing her to fully exploit manual controls in her fancy professional camera to get the best shot.

Mind you, my banker friend does photography only as a hobby.

Nilishangaa sana.

uzuri ya benz ni kwamba watchman atakupigia saluti na mikono mbili akikufungulia gate

mimi natembeanga kama thompson gazelle.
but ningekuwa na pesa ningenunua gari ya 600k alafu masalio ni tafute kwenye naweza weka inifanyie kazi.
alafu from time to time nina hire gari kumbwa

tuko kenya banae
hapa ni point and shoot na import helloworld

I doubt that the old E-class is 1.2m at any rate. it does not even begin to compete with the crown
It is the chrysler mercedes that was poorly built.
On the other hand I hate seeing mismatched and exaggerated tint as on that crown. ushamba mingi

KCU 578 W… Si hio gari iko allover jiji…

W211 price range ni 700 to 900k

Gari ikikaa sana being posted by alot of brokers shida inaweza kuwa nini? Nimeona magari kadhaa ni kama haziendi bana. Gari ina postiwa by alot of people at different prices hadi unashangaa whats going on

Likely anauza bei ghali. Gari zingine hazitakangi hivo. Brokers pose as serious buyers only to appear just to take pics and post on jiji. Hehe. Na ata shilingi hawana.

Crown. No contest here. But as mentioned, the average Kenyan will be duped by the three-pointed-star

saa ingine pia ni ya kukuita

unafika yard unaambiwa ilienda 3.5 minutes ago, ata tyre marks ndizo hizi hapa alafu unaambiwa uangalie zingine

I am one of those “stupid” Kenyans who will tell you that the Benz is a better purchase for that kind of money. What is the Crown better than the Benz at? Despite being so many years newer?

If we had the specs on both, a comparison would be easy.

But assuming this is a typical w211 found in kenya which are 4 cylinder machines, I would say the crown is better (smooth v6 engine).

The daimler is from an error without stuff like infotainment whereas Crown iko nayo. You simply cant compare a daimler from another era with a modern crown. If it was a mercedes from the same era, basi that would have been a better comparison

Also, consider these innovations kwa crown:

Toyota Crown - Wikipedia

[li]The Crown is one of the first vehicles to have a Navigation/Artificial Intelligence-Adaptive Variable Suspension System (NAVI/AI-AVS) 3 Dimensional Satellite Navigation System coupled with G-BOOK and boasts many features that have not been developed by other luxury car makers. This system can adjust the damper firmness for corners based on map data and change transmission gear shift timings and engine braking for merging on and off highways and approaching tollbooths.[/li][li]First Toyota vehicle with active noise control.[/li][li]World first Collision avoidance system (PCS) with front-side Millimeter wave radar to detect potential side collisions primarily at intersections or when another vehicle crosses the center line. The latest version tilts the rear seat upward, placing the passenger in a more ideal crash position if it detects a front or rear impact.[65][/li][li]World first PCS Collision avoidance system with GPS-navigation linked brake assist function. The system, which is designed to determine if the driver is late in decelerating at an approaching stop sign, will then sound an alert and can also pre-charge the brakes to provide optimum braking force if deemed necessary. This system works in certain Japanese cities and requires Japan specific road markings that are detected by a CCD camera.[/li][li]The Crown Hybrid Night View introduced the first pedestrian detection feature for an active Automotive night vision system. Toyota added a feature which highlights pedestrians and presents them in a box on an LCD display in front of the driver.[66][/li][li]Updated Driver Monitoring System for detecting whether the driver’s eyes are properly open.[67] It monitors the driver’s eyes to detect the driver’s level of wakefulness. This system is designed to work even if the driver is wearing sunglasses, and at night.[/li][li]World’s first center airbag introduced in 2009.[/li][/ul]
The Crown is set to rival the European BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6, Jaguar XF, the American Cadillac CTS, and the Japanese Acura RLX, Honda Legend, Infiniti M and Nissan Fuga. This is the longest and widest Crown to be built until the arrival of the fourteenth generation (S210 model).



Crown ni gari moja tamu sana, its extremely luxurious and its the toyota flagship car if I’m not mistaken.

You pro’ly driving some junk with the Benz label somewhere assuming people are lining up to worship you, No?

Toyota Century ndio flagship vehicle ya Toyota.

W211 is still abetter vehicle than the crown by a mile ,Shida ya W211 ni the compressor variants hizo zitakupiga stick if you don’t know a very good mechanic or you try to cut corners.

Brathe, compare these vehicles properly banae. You cant compare an old skull shinde to a modern crown.

Crown is a very good vehicle no doubt however the W211 is a better constructed vehicle ,it’s safer,more powerful ,more fuel efficient and less susceptible to over turning,Shida ya W211 is the cost of maintaining it in tiptop condition as major components have started to fail due to age and high mileage of the vehicle.